Activities are an important part of every day in Marie Louise. Of course, they provide a structure to the day but they do so much more. When residents engage in activities it provides stimulation that is vital for mental health and well-being. That is why we encourage everyone to join in. From physical activities and light exercises to a range of arts and crafts, our team work all week to create a range of activities that are suited to our residents.

How do we choose our activities?

When our residents join the home we take time to get to know their interests, both past and present. This then helps us to structure the activities within the home. We try to make our range of activities accessible to as many people as possible and we try to keep them as varied and stimulating as we can.

Taking part – do I have to?

We will always encourage residents to try new things. However, we never make anyone take part. We fully understand that sometimes people don’t want to join in. We also try to offer a range of individual activities – from reading together to jigsaws, or simply a cup of tea and a chat.

Multi sensory room

Sometimes our residents just need a little time out, to relax and reflect, and we understand that this is not always easy in a busy nursing home. That’s why we created our multi sensory room on the first floor. Creating a spa like atmosphere, the room is designed to calm and relax, using all the senses. People can choose to sit alone, or enjoy some time having a complimentary treatment such as a hand and arm massage, and our residents love it. We find that the people who use this room are more settled and calm simply through the power of natural relaxation.

Getting out and about

Our Care Home has a mini bus that is adapted to accommodate wheelchairs. This allows us to take residents to hospital appointments or on outings to local places of interest. All trips out of the home will be accompanied by trained care staff.