The Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux have announced today, 9th April 2015, that after careful consideration and prayer they have taken the difficult decision to consider closing The Hope Residential and Nursing Care Home.

The Sisters and Healthcare Management Trust (HMT), which runs the home for the Sisters and is the Registered Provider, have started a consultation with the residents and staff with on their proposal to close the home on 14th July 2015.

Sister Gemma Corbett, the Province Leader of the Holy Family of Bordeaux, said:
“We understand that this announcement will come as a shock to the residents, their families and the staff of the home. We have taken this step with great reluctance and only after a long period of reflection and prayer. Our first priority now, as ever, is the welfare of the residents. We would also like to express our gratitude to the home’s loyal and dedicated staff.”

Tony Barrett, Chief Executive of HMT said:
“We will be doing everything we can to minimise disruption to residents at what we know will be a difficult time for them and their families. We will be offering them help and support to enable them to find alternative accommodation which meets their needs. We will also be consulting with the staff. We will do all we can to help.”

Providing a clear timescale for the proposed closure means that high quality care can be maintained throughout that time.

It has become increasingly obvious that despite the best efforts of the Holy Family of Bordeaux and HMT, the day is coming when the home will no longer be able to provide the standards of accommodation and facilities expected of a modern care home.

The new standards which will apply to the regulation of care homes from the 1st April 2015 are also a factor that we have had to take into consideration.

People are choosing or are being referred for admission to care homes at a much later stage in their life’s journey with increasingly complicated medical conditions exacerbated by age. In order to provide care within this changing environment, care homes must have the space, layout and facilities to address these needs.

There is only limited space available on the site the home occupies and the buildings are physically constrained as well.

The Sisters and the HMT have come to a joint conclusion that the existing building must be replaced but that the technicalities and additional expense of achieving this are insurmountable.


For further information please contact:
Matthew Davies on 07776 242 675 (Healthcare Management Trust)
Jim McDonnell on 07860 920 710 (Holy Family of Bordeaux)

About HMT

The Healthcare Management Trust was founded in 1985 as a registered charity to provide consultancy services to healthcare providers founded by religious groups. Our aim has always been to develop and promote the services offered by associated charitable hospitals and care homes so that they can be a viable alternative to the commercial companies both now and into the future.

About the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux

The Holy Family of Bordeaux is a worldwide Spiritual and Apostolic Family founded in 1820 by Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, a priest of Bordeaux.

It is composed of women and men, youth and children, from all vocations and walks of life in the Catholic Church – Apostolic and Contemplative Women Religious, Consecrated Secular Women, Lay and Priest Associates.

All members, while living their own specific vocation, share the same mission, the same spirit and aim and draw their inspiration from the Holy Family of Nazareth.