Dr Corinne Greasley-Adams



Research interests and experience:

My current research interests relate to improving the lived experience of people with dementia. I have recently been involved in research projects including: evaluating a dementia friendly community company; understanding pain management in people with dementia in the acute hospital setting; identifying a conceptual framework for how music impacts on the life of people with dementia; and the development of guidelines for residential design for people with sight loss and dementia. Alongside my experience of research relating to dementia I have previously been involved in research in human factors and sports and exercise.


What attracted you to this research project?

My interest in this research project is that it allows me to combine a number of my research interests. With a personal interest and appreciation of physical activity and the benefits this can bring, alongside my past research experience in sports and exercise, I am keen to understand how physical activity can be further introduced into the lives of people with dementia. I feel the outcomes of this project are likely to bring great benefits to people with dementia in care homes the and as such fulfills my ambitions of undertaking research that empowers and improves the lived experience of people with dementia.


Additional Information