Dr Louise McCabe

Research interests and experience:

My research interests lie within the fields of dementia studies and gerontology and focus on improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers through research that engages directly with individuals. To date my work has included research on social policy and services for people with dementia; policy and service issues for people with alcohol related dementia; comparative studies of day services; the impact of physical activity, the use of assistive technology and the experiences of frontline health and social care staff. My core interests are about culture and lifestyle; exploring how different factors influence development and individual experiences of dementia.


June 2012 – November 2013 (McCabe, L) ‘User engagement project in support of Cumbria dementia strategy’ Cumbria County Council £31,700 [principal investigator]
September 2012 – March 2014 (Bowes, A, Andrews, J, Dawson, A, McCabe, L) ‘Best practice in the design of residential environments for people living with dementia and sight loss’ Thomas Pocklington Trust, £58,000[co-applicant]
October 2012 – September 2014 (Bowes, A, Dawson, A, McCabe, L) ‘Support of people with dementia in remote areas: Remodem’ Northern Periphery Programme €650,000[co-applicant]
February 2013 – August 2015 (Norwegian Centre for Ageing and Health) ‘Effects and costs of a day centre care program, designed for people with dementia’ Norwegian Research Council, 9 million NOK [international collaborator]
April 2014 – March 2015 (McCabe, L and Greasley-Adams, C) ‘Needs assessment for people with alcohol related brain damage’ Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership, £10,000
May 2014 – June 2015 (McCabe, L) ‘Day care for people with dementia’ Alzheimer Scotland, £10,000

What attracted you to this research project?

I started my journey to my current role as a frontline care worker in residential homes for older people, working with people with dementia and older people to support their everyday needs. I continued working in care homes for five years until moving on to undertake my PhD. I have never lost my links with that work and my more recent research work has continued to underline the need to improve the experiences of people living in care homes and the value of approaches and interventions using physical activity.


  • https://ageingissues.wordpress.com/ http://dementiares.stir.ac.uk/

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