HMT, parent company of Sancta Maria have recently funded new research to examine behavioural symptoms in dementia.

The funding in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society will allow a PhD student under the supervision of leading expert Professor Nick Fox to explore the behavioural variant of fronto-temporal dementia over the next three years.

Conducted at University College London, this project, will employ brain imaging and behavioural symptoms to investigate a large group of people with fronto-temporal dementia in order to better understand the nature of this complex disease.

With a strong Corporate Social Responsibility programme, HMT Sancta Maria actively supports medical research and charities through fundraising across Wales and the UK.

Hospital Director Stuart Hammond, said:

“Medical research is incredibly important and as HMT Sancta Maria are a not for profit organisation, we aim to channel as much money as possible into various projects and charities to support their work as well as raise awareness. We are thrilled to be investing in this project and look forward to the results of the project and in time, the benefit this will provide for people living with dementia.”

Dr Doug Brown at Alzheimer’s Society:

‘Because fronto-temporal dementia is a rarer form of dementia, there is a lack of research exploring how this condition affects the brain. Fronto-temporal dementia can affect people’s behaviour markedly, sometimes lowering inhibitions and causing what is seen as inappropriate behaviour. This study will help us to understand more about the way the front sections of the brain are targeted. With this knowledge, we can get closer to helping people with dementia understand why their behaviour is changing and even explore ways to alleviate symptoms.’