Our rooms

Our home is not a purpose built care home. Originally it was a private house that has been extended twice. As such we have a variety of rooms, of all shapes and sizes. Six of our rooms have ensuite facilites. All the other rooms have basins. However, we have ample bath and shower rooms on each floor.

Making our home your home

Residents are encouraged to bring in items from their home to personalise their room and make it feel ‘more like home’. Moving away from your own home setting can be much more comfortable if you have familiar belongings around you. Residents are invited to bring curtains, light fittings, even chairs into the home if they prefer. The most important thing is to make their space their own.
Each room has a profiling bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, over bed table, a comfortable chair plus another chair for visitors. There are telephone and television points. We do not provide televisions but we have a supply of telephones (all calls are through the switchboard).
We know that many of our residents appreciate being able to connect with the outside world. That’s why there is phone and internet access, if required, within the home.

“It’s important that residents feel as if their room is theirs. You’ll see as you go round, some people have really personalised their space.”
Matron Manager